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Nicky - one of the Site Admin

Post by Nicky on Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:50 pm

to specialneedsfamilys Very Happy

I thought i'd tell u a bit about my family & I first.

My name is Nicky, I'm 36yrs old, redhead, partially hard of hearing...ummm I also suffer from "Progressive Renal Failure", in other words, i suffer terribly with reacurring kidney & bladder infections.
I'm a mum to 5 kids! Which I'll be talking about them all through this posting and alot of others throughout the site Very Happy. I've been with my partner Paul for 10yrs now and I love him so dearly Very Happy . I'll introduce my family Very Happy

PAUL - aged 39 this year! lol hes dreading turning 40 in March! lol
Wonderful and supportting Step - Dad to Ste, Andy, Matt & Charlotte Very Happy Wonderful dedicated father to Jason Very Happy Pauls loves are, me (hehehe), Stargates, Star Treks, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, tinkering about really! lol He has absolutely no computer knowledge at all, otherwise he'd be here talking with us, but I do ask him stuff and I'll write up what he says. Hes very supportive of us doing this site for other families who are/in the same circumstances as we are/have been. I'm very certain you'll hear alot more about Paul throughout the postings Very Happy

STEPHEN - is 18yrs old, my wonderful gorgeous eldest Very Happy Hes currently doing an Art & Design course at the 12Quays College here in Birkenhead. He also works as a barman at the big Revolutions in Liverpool City Center. Hes also trying to be a professional as he has the height for it really, hes massive! lol Ste helps us with the home and family so much. Hes really great at sorting Andy and Matt out, who fight alot really. And he absolutely idolises Jason! lol spoils him rotten! lol He has the heart of gold, will help anyone. He also suffers from Dyspraxia.

ANDREW - is 17yrs old. Andy's doing a Business Studies course at the Europa College, also in Birkenhead. He also works at the same Revolutions as Ste, as a glass collector/waiter. He evetually would like to join the army in the Logistics Corps. Andy was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) when he was 9. Andy's always been hard work really. He has a Jekyll and Hyde personalties. To everyone else in the world, he can't be helpful enough, is very polite and thoughtful. In our home though, hes extremely hard work. Constantly bullies Matt & Charlie. Is always with everyone really. I'd say the only other ppl in the world who really knows what Andy is like really, is our next door neighbours (who are constantly complaining and threatening us, because of the way he carries on).

MATTHEW - is now 14yrs old. Attends WKRS - West Kirby Residential School (a private SEN school). Matt was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4yrs old and was one of the youngest in Britain to ever be diagnosed with it really. Then after Andy was diagnosed ADHD, there were significant differences between Andy & Matt, so I asked their peadritician to relook at Matts case again. The main factor we really noticed was mainly, Andy didn't care what he said to ppl or who he spoke to. But Matt wouldn't talk to anyone apart from the ppl who were/worked in everyday contact with him. It was then, his doctor suggested Aspergers Syndrome - so I ran home and spent the next 12mths researching ASD & Autism. He was diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and Dylexia at the age of 9. I then fought with our LEA (Local Education Authority) for 3 yrs trying to get him into WKRS.

CHARLOTTE - is now 13. And some days, shes harder work than then all the boys put together! lol Shes at Weatherhead High School and she would eventually like to be a stage-actress. Shes a normal typical narky, sarky 13 yr old! lol Shes put up with alot really. And shes mine and Pauls baby girl. (I had split up with her dad, Sean, when she was about 6wks old, so Pauls mainly raised her really, don't get me wrong, she loves Sean dearly but she sees Paul more as a real dad, u see.)

Jason - is 3 in October. Hes the apple in everyones lives Very Happy Jason has brought so much back into our home and lives. He taught us to laugh again, brought us closer as a family. Hes starting Speech Therapy this week. I guess with everyone being the way they are, it sort of made Jason sit back and watch really, so hes quite a quiet lil gorgeous boy really.

And well thats all of us really Very Happy

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Re: Nicky - one of the Site Admin

Post by jess on Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:51 pm

Hi hun that was wonderful to read about you all i now know you all a little better xxxx


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