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Jess ~ site admin

Post by jess on Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:42 pm

hello i'm jess

i'm a sahm with 5 children, a full time carer for my youngest and site admin on here along with nicky and susan.

My loves are friends, building this site to offer people with disabled children support and mostly my family, they are my world and i love them all to pieces, i'll introduce them all.

Firstly there is the love of my life, my hubby Leighton we have been together for 16 years, i won't say happy years coz like every other normal couple we have our ups and downs, but i like to think they make us stronger. He would do anything for me and our 5 children.

Brandon (11) is our eldest he is a wonderful boy who is quiet and is happy to entertain himself. He starts secondary school next year and he is looking forward to it. He has to have a lot of extra help and support at school coz he finds things difficult to understand, this is due to him being late at talking, we were concerned that he may be dyslexic but the teachers don't think he is, so what do i know.

Emily is 9 going on 19, she is very independant and is also very stroppy especially when she can't get her own way or isn't the centre of attention. She is a very clever girl and she certainly knows how to use her brain. She can be very troublesome at times and she'll have me pulling my hair out.

Kayleigh is 4 and she is adorable, shes mummys little girl and i dreaded her going to school coz she always knows how to brighten my day. She likes kisses and cuddles and she always tells me she loves me. She started school this year and she loves it so i'm happy Very Happy

Olivia is 2 and she is very much like emily with a little of kayleigh mixed in. She doesn't like to be without me which can be very hard at times. She had to grow up and be independant very early on as i fell pregnant when she was 6 - 8 weeks old.

Charlie is 20mths and he is my angel. I call him that because he was sent from heaven. He is a super little boy and is such an inspiration to me. When he was born he fought for 9 hours to live and he hasn't stopped fighting since. He was born with severe brain damage which has caused Global Developmental Delay, Hypotonia, Epilepsy and he is registered blind. He also has a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, this basically means that the muscle around the heart is too thick and blood can't flow through as it should.

well that's me and my family we're just normal people and i hope i haven't scared you all away.

And lastly i would just like to welcome you all to specialneedsfamilys xxxx


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Re: Jess ~ site admin

Post by Jodi on Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:15 am

You've got your hands full I love you

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